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If you got to this page you’re probably looking for helpful advice. Well, the tips below cover a range of subjects related to window blinds and shades. Find out which type of covering suits your needs and what you can do to make your home or office shading products last.

Cordless Roman shades work fantastically if you're looking for childproof blinds

Making sure you don't have any dangling strings or cords inside your home when you have small children is very important, so it's no surprise that cordless blinds and shades are very popular with families that have young kids. Practically all types of window treatments have a cordless variation, so there's no settling on design and décor here. You can even go a step further and opt for motorized shades to not only make your window coverings childproof, but also incredibly convenient to use. With brands like Lutron and Somfy constantly innovating remote control methods, you can get smart blinds to work with your smart home system, and feel like you're household is occupied by the modern day Jetsons.

This may surprise you, but motorized shades can help you save money

By automating your window coverings, you can actually reduce your monthly utility costs. Set your motorized shades on a schedule and they'll open and close when you want them to, saving you the trouble of remembering to draw them and also brightening up your indoor spaces without the use of electrical lighting. You can also make use of the innovative technology that brands like Somfy and Lutron have perfected and get self-adjusting shades that use sensors to measure your indoor temperature and brightness and correct themselves accordingly. Maximizing your use of sunlight to illuminate and heat or cool your home will help you save money in a high tech way.

Blackout blinds and shades in bedrooms are a must

Blocking sunlight from getting into your bedroom is very important, as otherwise your sleep cycle may suffer, which leads to all sorts of issues. Making sure the shades and curtains you get for this type of room are able to adequately block sunlight is very important. This also goes to ensure your privacy. The last thing you want is for someone to be able to look through your bedroom windows, and with blackout fabric you'll be able to prevent this.


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