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Sheer Shades

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Window shades need to do several things. They need to allow sunlight in so you can utilize it to brighten up your home or office, but they also need to protect your eyes and furniture from UV rays. In addition, they also need to complement the décor around them and not become an eyesore. And finally, they need to allow you some privacy, whenever you wish to have it. Some types of blinds excel in one particular aspect. Sheer shades are great at all four.

Utilizing Natural Lighting

The most obvious aspect of sheer shades is their ability to let plenty of sunlight in, allowing you to illuminate the interior of the room without using electricity or artificial lights. You get to choose exactly how much light you want them to allow in, as you can adjust their slats or raise and lower them until the perfect ambiance is achieved. From complete visibility to room darkening conditions, sheer shades are great at letting you decide what you want.

Don’t Get Sunburns

While sheer shades allow you to let in plenty of sunlight, they don’t do this without regulation. Depending on the quality and type of fabric used, these covering options can provide a lot of UV protection, allowing you to let the sun shine through without worrying about excessive glare damage from and ultraviolet radiation.

Keep Your Privacy

With their slats open, sheer shades will let in a lot of sunlight, no question about that. With the slats closed, however, you’d be surprised how little visibility outsiders will get. As long as it’s not night out and you turn a light on inside the room, sheer shades utilize an exterior surface layer that allows you to maintain your privacy during the day while still using sunlight to illuminate the inside of your home or office.

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